About Us

Founded in 1999, AKAOA Enterprises provides high-end software engineering for government, military, and commercial clients. Going on its 15th year, AKAOA strives for continuous improvement, making it a leader in providing leading-edge solutions for all business processes. Under the leadership of its founder, AKAOA pioneered the best practices for optimizing performance while securing databases and applications, thus ensuring customers the most secured data possible.
The firm has strove to be a leader in designing and manufacturing business solutions that are not only functional and meet the customer's needs, but are esthetically appealing, dependable and of course, secured. In addition to producing these electronic solutions, AKAOA has gone the extra mile in providing custom reportswhether they are hosted on the web, or produced internally for special needs.
These are among the services provided to government and military personnel world-wide for several years. Now, due to increased demand for high-performance, secured web and client applications, AKAOA is providing the commercial sector the same level of service.
To help their clients to achieve Internet presence, AKAOA can guide you through the entire processfrom domain registration to deployment.

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